No, We Don’t Have Product Samples and This Is Why

No, We Don’t Have Product Samples and This Is Why

Product samples are very common amongst beauty brands, as it gives the customer a chance to try out the product before purchasing the full size bottle. Sample size products are extremely popular amongst consumers, and are responsible for being the third largest selling point of full size bottles. Sample size products are not sustainable, but many people are not aware of the devastating impact these tiny bottles have. Uzza is a brand dedicated to not only providing quality, natural skin care but being sustainable in the process. It is important to educate yourself on the harmful effects of product samples in order to limit or eliminate your use going forward! 

The Damage of Product Samples 

The number of sample size products that are produced is unfathomable to us. Not only are product samples found in every beauty store, but they can be found in every hotel and other hospitality establishments. The sample size products are almost never finished in a hotel and thrown away in a standard trash can. The biggest issue is even if a product sample bottle is recycled the machine is structured to pick up full size bottles, so little bottles slip through and do not get recycled. The sample size bottles are likely to end up in the ocean, or landfills due to the lack of proper disposal. 

Why We Don’t Have Sample Size Products 

Here at Uzza, we care deeply for our customers and the beautiful planet we all share. The best approach for sample size products is to not have them, but there are a couple other reasons we do not produce them besides helping the environment. The first reason is product samples do not showcase the true extent of the product’s ability. Sample size products contain roughly 3 to 4 days worth content which does not allow the product to work on the skin as it should. It is a waste of not only plastic, but product because the customer will not see results for such a short amount of time. The other reason we do not have sample size products is because we provide our customers with a complete list of ingredients in every product. Along with the list comes a section that defines each ingredient and provides information on exactly what said ingredient does to your skin. Because we tell our customers exactly what will be on their skin and the effects they can expect, we do not provide sample products. This works best for the customer and the environment! 

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