At-home Spa: The Good & The Devil

At-home Spa: The Good & The Devil

2020 is shaping the way we perceive homeHome isn’t just the space we go to after an 8-hours shift, a night of drinks or a trip. Home is no longer the place we go back to until we are out again but that space where we spend the majority of our time. Home has become our office, the gym, the restaurant, the bar, the library and the spa. However, a relaxing evening of at-home beauty can be a harmful and stressing time for your skin if you don’t follow the right steps. We’ve been asking around and compiled 4 common skincare mistakes to avoid and take your at-home spa sessions to the next level. 

1. Makeup Wipes

Please, stop using cleansing wipes. We beg you. Cleansing wipes are an awful product. Cleansing wipes are the devil. The enemy. Cleansing wipes are the 2020 of skincare. Why? Well, these wipes are huge skin irritants due to its texture. Your skin doesn’t need all that harsh rubbing! Make up wipes are formulated to break down makeup, but they don’t cleanse the skin. Instead, they’ll destroy your acid mantle, leaving your skin with less protection against bacteria. Also, let’s not forget that makeup wipes are single-use cloths. Around 70 million pounds of single-use wipes are disposed of every day. No need to say more. 

2. Stop touching your face and popping pimples

Many of us struggling with acne will feel familiar to this situation: it’s PM skincare time and while you’re removing all the dirt and makeup from the day you spot a pimple. You feel the urge to poke it and even though you have second thoughts about it because you promised yourself a million times to stop picking at your skin’s imperfections, you do it. And once you start with one, there’s no way to stop. The problem with being a picker is that you are transferring dirt and bacteria from one spot to another while actually disrupting the barrier of the skin.

3. Too many skincare products and/or treatments

A 32-step skincare routine is not cool. No matter what they’ve told you, overdoing your skincare is a complete waste of time and money that can worsen your skin. Too many layers (and active ingredients) have the potential to counteract each other, causing clogged pores or breakouts. 

4. Being too hard on ourselves 

People with skin problems are at high risk of developing psychological problems, and they can linger even after the skin gets better. Emotional stress can lead to skin disorders and skin disorders often lead to psychological distress. Keep in mind that your skin mirrors your thoughts and emotions, when you don’t like what you see in the mirror turn the gaze inwards. 

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