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5 questions to ask yourself before you buy beauty products

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of the beauty aisle with a shopping cart full of items, and you are deciding which products you want to buy and what you want to put back? Of course you have! We have all been there more times than we like to admit. It is a shopping nightmare when you are not sure if you should buy it or wait until the next time you're back to get it. If this is you, then continue reading the five things to ask yourself before you buy beauty products. 


What is your skin type? 

If you do not know your skin type, it is an impossible mission to find the best beauty products that work for your skin. There are four basic types of healthy skin: combination, dry, normal, and oily. Many products work for up to two different skin types, but there are a limited number of products that work for all skin types. If you know your skin type, you can find the best products for you efficiently. Do not waste your time buying the wrong product for your skin type because it can have negative results. If you have dry skin and buy a product with salicylic acid, it can dry your skin more and become rough. If you have oily skin and buy an oil based product, it can increase the production of oils and cause breakouts. Try our free skin diagnosis and discover your skin type, so you don't make future mistakes when shopping for your favorite products. 


How are you financially?

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is can you afford this product? I am not talking about whether or not you have the money on hand, but if the high price is going to set you back - can you afford it? Is the price of the item worth the amount of product you are receiving? If the answer is no, then it is not worth spending your time or money on. 

We all love popular name brands, but sometimes drug store brands work just as well or even better. Next time you are shopping for any type of beauty product, try giving yourself a budget on how much you can spend on said product. This will allow you not overspend and regret your choices down the road. Budgeting is a great way for you to get your money's worth on a product as you can visually see if the product is worth the amount you are willing to pay. 


How is your mental state?

Believe it or not, your mental state correlates with your shopping habits. Stress can cause stress hormones to rise, which then triggers the oil glands in your body to produce more oils. When the body creates more oils it can trigger acne flares which are never good. When we have acne-covered skin, our automatic instinct is to go to the store and buy face cleansers and pimple patches which can add up. Stress acne is tricky because it occurs sporadically, there are tips on how to get your skin to bounce back. These tips include exercising, eating healthy, washing your face, and doing what makes you calm. 

Medication, whether it be for metal or physical states, may contain hormones or steroids that cause your skin to breakout. This is completely natural, and you should not stop taking your medication unless said otherwise by a licensed medical professional. If the breakouts are affecting you, it is best to call your doctor and discuss an alternative to reduce the breakouts caused by the medication. 


How is your physical state?

Our physical state can affect our shopping habits for beauty products and is the easiest to fix. A lack of sleep can result in dark circles under the eyes, puffiness in the face, or dull and rough skin. Automatically we want to buy eye masks, ice rollers, and sleeping vitamins to get results overnight. Our skin produces collagen while we sleep, which is a protein that enhances the elasticity of our skin resulting in a youthful look. A lack of sleep will affect the production of collagen our body produces. 

During the summer, having a bronze tan is a goal on everyone's mind. What many people don't know is that tanning can increase the aging process, which causes wrinkles, lines, dark spots, and moles/ brown spots. Over time the sun can cause serious damage such as rough scaly patches, discolored areas, irritating blotches and bumps, and much more. This can all go away by regularly applying SPF everyday. Imagine all the products you would have needed to buy when all you needed was a form of sunscreen. 

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Does it align with your values?

Everyone has a set of values we live by that is an extension of who we are and our morals. The products and companies we support should reflect our values, no matter how well-known the brand is. The next time you inspect a product, check it to see if the company tests on animals or says cruelty-free, made with natural ingredients, or recyclable or plastic-free. If the answer is no or less than half of this list is checked off - move on! We should not be pushing our values aside because we want to use a popular brand that will end up being bad for the environment and ourselves.  



Shopping is great whether it is your guilty pleasure or second nature, but it does not have to be a hassle. The next time you are looking at a product, ask yourself, do I know my skin type, am I getting my money's worth, is my mental or physical health playing a role, or does this item align with my values? If the answer is no, then leave it and never look back. Smart shopping is the best thing you can do for yourself and your wallet. Continue asking yourself these questions, and it's natural to second guess your decisions because if it does not check off everything on your list, then you don't need it. Remember these questions, and you'll be ready for your next shopping adventure!


If you’re not sure which skin type is yours, take our skin diagnosis and we’ll help you discover the best products for you!


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