How to treat post-acne scars

How to treat post-acne scars

Acne is something many people deal with throughout their lives, and some get acne
scars due to the inflammation of the acne blemishes. Acne scars are not something to
be self-conscious about! Your skin is beautiful and tells the story of your life. This article
will help you to learn to properly care for your acne scars and reduce the appearance if
that is what you are looking to do!

Finding an Acid:
-Salicylic acid is a great product to help care for acne scars. This acid helps to clear dirt
and debris for the surface of the skin to help reduce any new breakouts. It also gets rid
of any dead skin cells to help with texture and leave smooth skin. Salicylic acid
minimizes redness and swelling, which helps to reduce the appearance of scarring.
-Retinoids are another great option for acne scars. Retinoids stop inflammation, reduce
acne lesions, and increase cell rejuvenation. This product also helps with
hyperpigmentation that is created from acne scars.
-Lactic acid is the third option to treat acne scars. This acid lightens darkened tissue
that is a result of scarring. Lactic acid can be a gentle peel as well to remove dead skin
It is important to note these three acids can not be used in combination, and you should
choose one to treat your acne scars.

Sunscreen should be a vital part of everyone’s skincare routine, but if you are looking to
improve acne scars it is a “must”. Sunscreen will help to protect the surface of your skin
especially if you are using acids, which can make skin light sensitive. The sunscreen will
also help to limit the contrast between scarred and unscarred skin.

Have a Quality Moisturizer:
Having a quality moisturizer is essential for caring for your skin. Using acids can be
drying, so having a moisturizer you know will work is necessary. It will also help to
prevent any other damage to your skin and breakouts.

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