Blue People: Kiala Kanzi

Blue People: Kiala Kanzi

Blue People pays tribute to our nomad ancestors. Blue was the color chosen to protect the skin from the dust whipped up by desert winds, and just like that we chose to use that color for our branding too, as a symbol of protection. Blue is a bridge that connects us with nature, the sky and water. Blue People focuses on all the beautiful souls that feel part of a diaspora and yet are truly connected with their roots. Blue People is you, strong and whole tree with roots in one place and branches in some other part of the world. 

Meet @kialakanzi, the goldsmith artist who has finally arrived at jewellery making as the best way to express herself 

  • How do you express your individuality?

K: I think its just about being you, in every moment.

  • How do you seek beauty through your art?

K: The beauty in art is the process, then it all lies in the eye of the beholder.

  • Have you ever changed something in you because of eurocentric beauty standards?

K: I guess my hair has always been sth I didn’t really know how to handle, and make it look „nice“. so i never really wore it out. and now i cut of completely, that felt good”

  • A book you recommend

K: The little prince – st exupéry

  • Which social media accounts inspire you?

K: People inspire me.

  • A wish you have

K: More Love

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