Let your skin speak up.

Uzza is more than beauty and skincare. Our deepest mission is to share the knowledge North-African cultures have on healing plants. We believe in nature and see Uzza as a bridge that connects cultures and knowledge through ethnobotany.

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We believe in creating safe spaces to engage in conversations that invite you to look inwards. Most brands present products to make you look like someone that is not really you, shaping your identity to fit you in a mold that wasn’t built for you. Uzza encourages you to be like you.

Skin diagnosis

We analyse your answers and send you an accurate skin diagnosis made by our team of experts along with a personalised skincare routine with Uzza.

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  • "Uzza skincare, the Moroccan cosmetic brand based in Barcelona, uses the best of North-African botanicals".

  • "Keep Uzza in sight, the first Moroccan skincare brand to use Ocean Waste Plastic in their packaging".

  • "A modern skincare brand that ticks all the boxes: detailed ingredient information, sustainability and diversity initiatives".