Uzza feels like a warm sunrise.

We make dermatologist formulated skincare infused with Moroccan botanicals.

Our deepest mission is to share the knowledge North-African cultures have on healing plants with other humans who are committed to their bodies, their skin, the earth and are aware of what they have to pass on to next generations.

  • Raha

    Babouche Slippers

    Honouring the initial purpose of the babouche, we invite you to see these slippers as a symbol of shelter. An element that anchors you and makes you feel at home.

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  • Daw' Thaja

    Dressing gown

    Nothing is sexier than dressing up for yourself. This chic and soft bathrobe has been designed for the person who gets out of bed and decides to nourish themselves first.

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    Free Skin Diagnosis

    We analyse your skin and send you an accurate diagnosis made by our team of experts along with a personalised Uzza skincare routine.

    Let your skin speak up!
    • "Uzza skincare, the Moroccan cosmetic brand based in Barcelona, uses the best of North-African botanicals".

    • "Keep Uzza in sight, the first Moroccan skincare brand to use Ocean Waste Plastic in their packaging".

    • "A modern skincare brand that ticks all the boxes: detailed ingredient information, sustainability and diversity initiatives".